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Our Team

Arlene F.jpeg

Arlene Fiore



Peter H. Stone & Paola Malanotte Stone Professor

amfiore @


Brenda Carbone

Administrative Assistant ||

bcarbone @

Madankui Tao.png

Madankui Tao

Graduate Student  LDEO/Columbia



Urban Air Pollution, Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling, Satellite

taoma528 @


Qindan Zhu

NOAA Climate and Global Change

Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT EAPS





Chemistry-climate interaction, hydroxyl radical, machine learning, climate modeling.

qdzhu @


Xinyuan Yu

Graduate Student, MIT EAPS

Chemistry-climate modeling, tropospheric ozone, detection and attribution.

xyyu @

Steph Elkins.png

Steph Elkins


Graduate Student, MIT EAPS

Chemistry-climate interactions, climate modeling.

shelkins @

Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos.jpeg

Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos

Research Support Associate, MIT EAPS

Public health, bayesian methods, pollutant exposure

carloscg @



  Lucas Jeongsuk Oh






Graduate Student,

MIT Aero Astro/EAPS

Climate modeling, uncertainty quantification, Chemistry-climate interaction.

jsoh @


Paolo Giani

Postdoctoral Associate, MIT EAPS

Aerosols, Boundary Layer Turbulence, Climate Dynamics, Climate Modeling

pgiani @

Screen Shot 2023-12-27 at 2.38.27 PM.png

Joe Palmo

Graduate Student,

MIT CEE/Heald Group



Tropospheric ozone, chemistry-climate modeling, wildfires.

jpalmo @

     Louis Rivoire

             Post Doctorate Associate,



      Large-scale transport, ozone
    chemistry, machine learning.
  lrivoire @
Louis Rivoire.png
Vanessa Sun.jpg

Vanessa Sun

Graduate Student MIT  EAPS


Hydrogen peroxide, oxidizing capacity of troposphere, data analysis.

sunv @


MIT Group Photos


MIT Alum

             Christoph Staehl.  Visiting Student from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria


                     Angelica Stuart, MIT 2023 Summer Research Program, Intern.

                     Amy Shi, Summer/Fall 2023 UROP.  Pollution and heat co-occurrences.

Copy of image0_edited.jpg

Angelica Stewart

2023 Intern

MIT Summer Research Program

At LDEO/Columbia

Gus Correa (Systems Analyst/Programmer)

George Milly (Research Analyst/Programmer)

Copy of Image_edited.jpg

Summer/Fall 2023 UROP

Pollution and heat co-occurrences.

amys0930 @


Muye Ru (Earth Institute Postdoctoral Researcher, also with Wolfram Schlenker in SIPA, now at Morgan Stanley)

Zhonghua Zheng (Postdoctoral Researcher, also with Daniel Westervelt at University of Manchester, UK)

Colleen Baublitz (Graduate Student, now at US EPA)

Sarah Hancock (Undergraduate Researcher, now at Harvard)

Xiaomeng Jin (Graduate Student, now at UC Berkeley)

Alex Karambelas (2016-2019 Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, now at NESCAUM)

Erik Helstrom (2018-2019 Research Assistant, now at MIT)

Daniel Westervelt (Associate Research Scientist, now Lamont Assistant Research Professor)

Jake Naimark (Undergraduate Researcher, now at Sunwealth Power)

Laurel Quinones (Undergraduate Researcher, now at Columbia Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Harry Singh (Undergraduate Researcher, now at Dartmouth)

Olivia Clifton (Graduate Student, now at NASA GISS)

Jean Guo (Graduate Student, now at Ramboll)

Nora Mascioli (Graduate Student, now at Scripps)

Lee Murray (2014-2016 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, now at Rochester University)

Daniel Halmos (2016 Summer Intern)

Lukas Valin (2013-2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, now at U.S. EPA, RTP, NC)

Melissa Seto (2014 Summer Intern; 2015-16 senior thesis, at Columbia College)

Yuxing Ma (2015-16 CU Masters Research Intern)

Dantu Lu (2015 Fall CU Masters Research Intern)

Mike He (2015 Fall CU MSPH Semester Research Intern, MSPH PhD)

Harald Rieder (2012-2013 Postdoctoral Researcher, now at U Graz, Austria)

Cynthia Zucker (Undergraduate Senior Thesis; 2016 Summer Intern)

Clara Ma (2017 Summer Intern with Dan)

El Pressman (2017 Summer & Fall Intern with Olivia)

LDEO/Columbia Group Photos

Group Photo 1.jpg

From left to right: Gus Correa, George Milly, Alex Karambelas, Colleen Baublitz, Olivia Clifton, Jean Guo, Nora Mascioli, Arlene Fiore, Xiaomeng Jin,  Dan Westervelt — May 2017.

Group Photo 2.jpg

From left to right: Gus Correa, George Milly, Xiaomeng Jin, Luke Valin, Nora Mascioli, Lee Murray, Olivia Clifton, Dan Westervelt, Jean Guo, Arlene Fiore — Nov. 2015 on the roof of Oceanography.

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