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We aim to advance the understanding of how anthropogenic and natural pollutant emissions influence atmospheric chemistry, climate, and air pollution on regional to global scales, and of the processes governing their interactions.

Latest Papers

Fiore, A.M., S.E. Hancock, J.-F. Lamarque, G.P. Correa, K.-L. Chang, M. Ru, O. Cooper, A. Gaudel, L.M. Polvani, B. Sauvage, J.R. Ziemke (2022), Understanding recent tropospheric ozone trends in the context of large internal variability: A new perspective from chemistry-climate models, Environ. Res.: Climate 1 025008 DOI 10.1088/2752-5295/ac9cc2

Tao, M., A.M. Fiore, X. Jin, L. Schiferl, R. Commane, L. Judd, S. Janz, J. Sullivan, P. Miller, A. Karambelas, S. Davis, M.; Tzortziou, L. Valin, A. Whitehill, K. Civerolo, Y. Tian (2022), Investigating changes in ozone formation chemistry during summertime pollution events over the Northeastern U.S., Environ. Sci. Technol. 56, 22, 15312–15327.

Fiore, A. M., Milly, G. P., Hancock, S. E., Quiñones, L., Bowden, J. H., Helstrom, E., et al. (2022), Characterizing changes in eastern U.S. pollution events in a warming world. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 127, e2021JD035985.

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